Subscribing to a Service for an URL Shortener

Part 1 of this series of short articles on setting up your own URL shortener gives a brief overview of available subscriptions to services hosting your URL shortener. Indeed the most simple way to set up your own URL shortener is that you let a company like host it for you. With such a subscription, it is even possible to set up a public interface.

ATTOW,’s service is free for a single domain. So if you are interested in a quick and easy solution, you might want to have a look at our simple instructive example for at

Other companies offering similar (albeit paid) services are

Drawbacks of a subscription however are

  • the limited flexibility of a free service, or
  • the price for a more advanced paid service, and
  • lack of privacy since all your data is hosted on the servers of another company.
The next part of our series of short articles will start the discussion of self-hosted scripts for URL shorteners with Nambu’s