You are responsible for transferring ownership of your new domain name by ensuring that your contact information is listed in the whois database. The cost incurred upon purchasing your domain name is a one-time cost. Nonetheless, once you have purchased your new domain name, you are still responsible for paying the annual registration fee. For this annual registration, you must ensure that your chosen registrar is able to contact you, and that you pay the registration fee directly to them prior to expiration. Registrars are required to attempt to contact the administrative contact prior to a registration lapse, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that the registration is paid up.


No, the prices are fixed and are not negotiable.


The payment methods Bestna.me accepts are currently:



and wire transfer.

Notice that you can use all major credit cards, and also wire transfer from your bank account when using PayPal or escrow.com. You can expect more payment options to come.


The general site menu (just below the site header) allows you to go to the pages for each domain category. Here, you will find interactive tables listing the available domain names. Each entry (i.e., each table row) comes with a hyperlink to the webpage of the respective domain name. You can find it in the table column “link to domain”:

link to domain

To purchase a domain, just visit the page of the domain by left-clicking on this link. On the domain page, you will find the “Buy Now” buttons, which are also mentioned here:

Buy Now

Left-clicking on one of them initiates payment using one of the methods mentioned here.

So basically, you are just two clicks away from initiating your purchase.


Once you submitted your payment or completed the wire transfer process, BestNa.me verifies your payment and contact information. After your payment has been processed, BestNa.me sends you an email containing detailed instructions and the so-called “auth-code”  (also called “auth-id”) of the domain. This is a secret string used by the registrar of your choice to pull the domain to their technical control, and to transfer it to your ownership. After this process of transferring the domain is completed, you will have full control over the settings of the domain via the domain interfaces provided by your registrar.

Notice that it takes several days to complete a domain transfer, regardless of the involved registrars.


Yes, the transfer of the purchased name should be initiated by you through the registrar of your choice, using the required authorization code (“auth-code”). This code will be provided by BestNa.me after the purchase. Only in some cases when it is too difficult to change the registrar, BestNa.me may choose to push the name on the current registrar to an account under your information.

And please do not worry about the technicalities, as your registrar will surely know what to do with the auth-code.


You will find a whois lookup at most registrar websites. For your convenience, here is one place where you can look up information about domains: whois.