Company Short Domains: Why Many Companies Use Company Short Domains and How to Obtain Them

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You undoubtedly know how important websites are for companies. It has been known for long that company short domains are more catchy, and make it more likely that a first-time visitor will remember the name and return.

However, you might find it interesting that the same seems to hold for the company names themselves.

Company Short Domains and Company Short Names: Trivia

In fact there is a growing tendency of turning towards the shorter names for companies. Here are some examples, where a former company name has undergone a major rebranding by removal of one or more syllables from the original company name:

  • British Petroleum is now much more known under its new name BP


  • Consumer Value Stores are now simply CVS


  • Federal Express is known better as FedEx


  • Does anybody recall the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company? Well, but you probably know 3M very well, don’t you?


  • Ever heard about Lucky Goldstar? But you do know LG, right?

Notice that all four companies acquired their respective company short domains under the .com top level domain (,,,, However, for many companies, it will not be possible (i.e. too expensive) to acquire such a prestigious short domain. But there is a way out, making it still possible to get very nice company short domains.

You Are What You Tweet

For quite a while now, Twitter counts every URL in the text of a tweet as a fixed number of characters (22 characters at the time of writing). This is achieved by applying Twitter’s own URL shortener to every string of text that looks like a URL. Therefore, all URLs contained in the text of a tweet, even the longer ones, increase the length of the tweet by the same amount. At the time of writing, a tweet has a length limit of 140 characters. However, URL shorteners like,, and the like are still used in tweets, mainly for two reasons: a first reason is that statistical metrics are provided with them, which are of value because that way the sender of the tweet obtains statistics about the users clicking on his links. A second reason lies more with the beauty of appearance: since the original (possibly cropped) long URL is displayed when viewing the tweet, one might also choose shortened URLs to prevent displaying cropped URLs, or to beautify the tweet’s appearance in general.

Especially regarding the latter, less technical aspect, having your own branded company short domain in a tweet (or facebook post etc.) means a large increase of exposure for your company as users see your short URLs instead of those of a conventional URL shortener. It will also mean a large increase in credibility of the link: people are more likely to click on a link with a company short domain resembling a known brand than on an anonymous link containing a random combination of several letters.

Because of that, there are now many companies using their own branded URL shorteners at Twitter or Facebook. Have a look at the following examples of company short domains:
Zalando tweet - example for company short domains

  • Zalando:

ESPN tweet - example for company short domains

  • ESPN:

Facebook tweet - example for company short domains

  • Facebook:

Coca Cola tweet - example for company short domains

  • Coca-Cola:
Except for the Coca-Cola Company, which uses a .com company short domain, typical “crunched“ domain hacks have been used here to obtain a company short name closely resembling the original brand (see also “Domain Hacks and Why You Don’t Get Arrested for Them”).

Using the New Generic Top Level Domains for Company Short Domains

As a special form of domain hacks, the new generic top level domains (new gTLD) can be used to obtain company short domains. For example, if the company name includes a part describing the form of organization (like e.g. “company” or “holdings”), then it seems advantageous to use a new gTLD like .company or .holdings, making it e.g. or instead of the longer or On the one hand, current internet users may still be used to the old .com names, but on the other, the .com ending can be regarded as redundant in this case as the legal identifier contained in the name (company or holdings) already implies a commercial background. Therefore, company short domains based on the new gTLD can be a great addition to the domain portfolio of a company.

As for an active site-example of a company short domain based on the new gTLD:

Your Chance to Obtain Company Short Domains Yourself

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