URL Shortener URL Shortener Launched!

WOW – The URL Shortener has just launched!

While the kitten ( URL Shortener (which we had launched about one year ago) is based on the software (which was written in Ruby on Rails) by Nambu Network, Inc. (now defunct) / Eric Woodward, we now looked into YOURLS, a nice set of PHP scripts to host your own URL Shortener.

As for the desktop-oriented design of our previous URL shortener kitten: we had decided to simply keep it. This is because we like the idea of putting Nambu’s former site into a “time-bubble”. But it is (much) different for YOURLS is still being actively developed at github.

So for, we are moving toward a new, responsive design based on Twitter’s bootstrap. Although we know that there is probably much work left to do, we are positive that you will already like it. Well, here it is!

This is for you (and for free of course), so PLEASE ENJOY 🙂