About Domain Hacks and Short Domains

BestNa.me is your resource for affordable premium domain names, and currently focuses on short domain names.

Short domain names are of great interest in a wide range of uses, including but not limited to the use as:

  • Brandable short names for companies, e.g. for use at a company’s Twitter account
  • Great names for URL shorteners

Many of them are so-called domain hacks, just like BestNa.me itself is one, and such as e.g. lolc.at (I CAN HAS…), which has recently been sold.

On a side note, you will find great names for URL shorteners on Bestna.me. Recently, BestNa.me sold the great names clic.kz, ac.tn, 4mo.re, trac.kz, musi.cz, ju.do, and a while ago im.ag has been sold to the Imagination Group.

Moreover, there were also many two- or three-lettered domain names on this site.

Last but not least, there are also more “classical” premium domains under the established TLDs like .com, .net, .org, or .info, .biz and so on (with many of them being one-word domains like e.g. ferventness.com, available here at Bestna.me. Cool one-word domains like kiss.info and luvliness.com have been sold here at BestNa.me).

All names have a fixed price and can be directly ordered on the respective domain name’s page – look out for the “Buy Now” button:

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Do you have a question, e.g. regarding the transfer of a domain after your purchase? Then you can look into the FAQ page. In case you still have a question or an inquiry, you can also write an email.

And now… browse through the different categories of premium domains for sale. Enjoy your stay at BestNa.me!